Managed Services

Did you ever wish you had an IT department, but knew you just couldn't afford it? Well your wish has come true! KK Enterprises offers individuals and small businesses the same experience at a fraction of the cost. Often individuals and small businesses are driven to buy computer technology from the local "big box" store without having an assessment of needs or a cohesive plan to manage the environment. Additionally, all to often it is a "one shot deal" and the device is never properly maintained to insure peak and secure performance.

KK Enterprises offers a range of solutions to address the needs of customers with 1 - 10 computers, providing the same experience that a company with thousands of machines would have.

What is included in the price

·      Antivirus software - KK Enterprises will provide the annual subscription renewals for the covered systems.


·      Patching and Monitoring - KK Enterprises will provide managing and patching of all covered systems. KK Enterprises will remotely monitor the status of each system and install all applicable updates within 72 hours of release. If updates require an onsite visit, KK Enterprises will arrange a convenient time to come and install the updates.


·       Software - Installation and configuration of all software upgrades provided by vendors as part of a regular maintenance program to the covered systems.


·      Telephone Support - Unlimited access to KK Enterprises personnel to discuss problems that the customer may encounter.


·      On-Site Support - Unlimited access to KK Enterprises personnel to provide onsite support for problems that the customer may encounter.


·      Remote Backup - Monthly subscription fee to provide remote backup for the covered systems.


·      System Recovery - KK Enterprises will recover information lost due to system compromise or failure.


Optional Items


·      Cloud Services - Partnering with Microsoft, KK Enterprises can optionally provide the same Enterprise experience for email accounts, SharePoint Access and live meetings allowing small businesses to share calendars, host live web meetings and manage workflow, without investing in an expensive infrastructure.


·   Hardware maintenance and replacement - Repair and replacement of hardware components - KK Enterprises offers a variety of plans from full coverage to time and materials is a traditional "break / fix" model.


·   Additional hardware – Additional hardware can be purchased through KK Enterprises. KK Enterprises offers hardware at competitive prices and everything we sell is installed and configured at no additional charge.


·   Software upgrades – Periodically software upgrades must be purchased from the vendor and KK Enterprises can facilitate this process. Again, all purchases made through KK Enterprises are installed at no additional charge.

What they are saying about our service


Unmatched IT Support and Consultation  

KK Enterprises provided a full IT assessment, recommendations and proposal to meet urgent IT needs of The Arts Council, Inc., a small nonprofit organization. The IT assessment provided in-depth information about our current system – an assessment not provided by any other prospective IT company or consultant. KK Enterprises’ recommendations were cost-effective and enhanced the IT capabilities of our organization, and KK Enterprises’ Vincent Paragone supplemented our network upgrades with donated desktops and laptops from an area corporation. An implementation schedule was supplied with KK Enterprises’ proposal, and all work was completed on or ahead of schedule, and additional staff training has increased the productivity of our company. KK Enterprises has provided unparalleled IT service to our company, and I recommend contacting KK Enterprises for all your IT needs. I regret we didn't contract with KK Enterprises sooner!

Allison Dillon-Jauken, Arts Council Executive Director Huntsville, AL




Superior service and assistance to education

KK Enterprises has provided superior service and assistance to education at Columbia High School in Huntsville, Alabama by securing donations of technology for our classrooms, expert and prompt technology repair services and ongoing support through equipment maintenance. This relationship continues to be an invaluable resource to our students and school community at large. KK Enterprises, Inc. has demonstrated resourcefulness through re-deployment of older equipment giving it new life in the classroom. Mr. Paragone has secured, repaired and installed both PC and MAC computer systems. Most valuable to the Fine Arts Choral Department at Columbia is the CD duplicator system which he donated and installed. I offer my highest recommendation for KK Enterprises, Inc. and anticipate a long and serendipitous relationship. Sincerely yours, James R. Kendrick, Fine Arts Dept. Chair Columbia High School 300 Explorer Boulevard Huntsville, Alabama 35806












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