Product Highlights - Software

Olivetti - Developed - Developed application and operating system software for a variety of Olivetti Clients. Additionally, participated on a multi-national team of developers for next generation products.

Shared memory: Shared memory


ITT - Domestic Transmission Systems FAXPAK - A packet switch for the collection, consolidation, transmission and redistribution of Facsimile data. The system consisted of a dual configured Modcomp mini computer with a custom front end processor that integrated bit slice technology with off-the-shelf microprocessor technology.

Micro Universe Inc - Multiple application software packages for use in the small and medium sized business environments

IDR - RowGrabber - A Patented data distribution system for delivery of large volumes of  digital and analog data over a cable system. The system consisted of a head end data base manager and a collection of front end applications to facilitate information selection and distribution.

Lundy Computer Graphics - Patented anti-aliasing technology to

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