Video Surveillance


Speed, simplicity and affordable solutions give your business a competitive edge. And the same qualities in your communications capabilities are imperative to help grow your business. In many small companies, employees can waste up to two hours a day on unproductive


Remote monitoring is becoming a normal part of our society. From traffic cams to security cameras, remote monitoring allows us to keep up with what is going on in our world. KK Enterprises, LLC offers the latest remote monitoring capabilities for all your personal and security needs. From outdoor heated camera enclosures with tinted acrylic housings to cost-effective solutions for office monitoring and security, KK Enterprises, LLC has the solution that is right for you.


K Enterprises, LLC surveillance solutions help you protect your business from anywhere in the world with ease. Our solutions include fixed network cameras or wireless day and night cameras. Also, choose between solutions with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) for storing and managing the captured video or one of our iSCSI SAN arrays. K Enterprises, LLC can provide managed switches which support PoE for greater flexibility during installation. Because our surveillance solutions include all necessary equipment, we save you the trouble of having to integrate products from different vendors. This makes the support and maintenance much simpler also. You’ll also find that our solutions are robustly engineered, simple to setup and offer advanced features - at prices which make more sense.

Small, unobtrusive IP Surveillance solutions allow you to monitor your office, warehouse or campus from anywhere--anytime--with any device. Extreme low LUX optics, 2-way radio and full pan/tilt/zoom manipulation provide everything a business needs to safeguard its valuable resources.

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